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Section Leadership Committee
Every 2nd MONDAY@ American Steak
HouseMeeting AgendaTime:  5:30PM -
7:00PMDinner provided

We Provide free dinner for

Our Mission is to provide
Networking, Communication
and Development
Opportunities to support
Knowledge, Skills, and
Abilities in Quality Principles
and Concepts to our
Our Newly Elected
Officials for 2014-16

Chair -Bill Folsom
Treasurer - Randy Messinger
Secretary - Julie Petrellis

Immediate Past Chair:
Jay Krishnamoorthy
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Management & Variation
All managers – need to understand how to work with variation
in data. Failing this, there are a host of negative consequences,
including learning only to punish, reducing quality, inducing
stress in employees, and experiencing stress and depression
themselves. Also, managers may fall prey to superstitions
such as believing that only money motivates or that
empowerment doesn’t work. Managers need to understand
and use control charts in managing people.

by  Prof. Paul L. Stepanovich
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